Tomi Koivusaari

Date of birth: April 11, 1973

Gear: ESP Eclipse 1 CTM “Crescent”, Marshall JVM410h amp, Marshall cabinet, Line6 M13 & several effects…

Musical influences: Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, Johnny Cash, Piirpauke, Slayer, Monster Magnet, Kingston Wall, Deep Purple, Kate Bush, Sielun Veljet, Led Zeppelin, Ozric Tentacles, Nino Rota, Black Sabbath, Abba, Jeff Buckley, Faith No More, Carcass, Pixies…
etc. etc.
Current favourites: Mastodon, Tool, Porcupine Tree, Riverside, Muse, The Cardigans, Opeth, PMMP, Von Hertzen Brothers, Sigur Ros, Hidria Spacefolk…
Sources of musical inspiration: Nature
All-time favourite song: Pink Floyd: Echoes
All-time favourite albums: Slayer: South of Heaven
Roger Waters: Amused to Death
Current favourite album: Amorphis: Skyforger, of course
Best gig ever seen: Metallica ’88, Helsinki
Current favourite Amorphis song: Majestic Beast
Best Amorphis gigs so far: Every gig since Tomi J. joined
Personal highlight with Amorphis: Last three albums right now
Funniest tour memory: Playing sauna in tourbuses
Worst moment on stage: When intro ends and nothing works
Recipe against boredom on tour: Playing football / Good movies
Other bands/side projects: Verenpisara, Karuselli
Hobbies/interests: Some sports, movies, books, listening to/making music
Good & bad habits: Good: Going for sports
Bad: Beer
First instrument: Electric Guitar (Shiro Sprinter, cheap strat-copy)
First album ever bought: Iron Maiden: Powerslave
or W.A.S.P: I wanna be somebody
Kalevala character: Lemminkäinen
…songwriter: Roger Waters
…classical composer: Jean Sibelius
…historical figure: Homo erectus
…author/poet: Mika Waltari / Eino Leino
…visual artist: Akseli Gallen-Kallela
…movie director: Lars von Trier / Hayao Miyazaki
…movies: Breaking the Waves / Miyazaki animations
…actor: Jack Nicholson
…book: Mika Waltari: Sinuhe
…magazine: Soundi
…cartoon: Donald Duck
…concert venue: Tavastia, Helsinki
…backstage: House of Blues, Chicago
…holiday destination: Lapland
…food & drink: Spaghetti, Karhu-beer
…animal: Dog
…sport: Soccer
…game: Pro Evolution Soccer, Grand Theft Auto, Worms, Kimble, Monopoly, Yatzy, Poker, Uno
…TV show: Studio Julmahuvi