Skyforger – Original Poems

Original poetry by < a href="" target="blank">Pekka Kainulainen.
Translated from Finnish by Erkki Virta.

I am brother to the Fire, to Fire a brother I am
from full breasts of maidens three
I’ve drunk the black milk, black!
the white milk devoured, white!
the red milk I’ve swallowed, red!
I’ve lain in the bowels of marshland
dead beneath the soil, dead
under the waters, below, under the waters
oblivious to all, oblivious to everything
devoid of all knowing, devoid of feeling!

Darkness was my light
muteness my tongue
Death was my life
matter my spirit

Brother to Fire I am!
Brother to the Fire!

From trails of wolves, from paths of bruin
from fen-depths and mountain winds
raised into the light I was
separated apart I was

I am of air and water, of fire and earth I am
a compound of everything, separated apart
the lore of air, the wisdom of water
the awareness of fire, the memory of earth
yet separated apart

Upon my birth I understood
the alliance of spirit matter
in spatters of liquid iron
separated apart I was

In a dazzle like lightning
I was invited there
Where light curves in an arc
of gods I was constructed

To north, south,east and west
The air spirit of every quarter
was my distant mother
swelled from wind and sea

From chaos of matter discovered I was
Born unto the essence of creation
to red, black and white
to milk, iron and steel

(The lights of chaos have transformed into a clear precise spark of my mind, the sounds disruptive into distant singing heard through

I forge my wisdom into the arc, all encompassing
I forge my heartbeat to dome, all heavens wide
I forge and craft the horizons for flowing blood
I forge the places precise for silver and for gold

Inside this nonexistence I clearly know
the directions and points of every quarter
I know the names of stars, the sun and the moon
their movement and their purpose

I forge my wisdom into the arc, all encompassing
I forge my heartbeat to dome, all heavens wide
I forge and craft the horizons for flowing blood
I forge the places precise for silver and for gold

In solitude I measure out the range of barren lands
I mark the place of Polaris on the vast heights
I draw unto the nothingness the intersecting curves
I look at all directions, I look at one clear point, into the heart

I forge my wisdom into the arc, all encompassing
I forge my heartbeat to dome, all heavens wide
I forge and craft the horizons for flowing blood
I forge the places precise for silver and for gold

Into the flames I thrust my heart and strike
my heart awakes to its’ own pounding
this here is my place, my work
I was made the Forger of Skies!

I forge my wisdom into the arc, all encompassing
I forge my heartbeat to dome, all heavens wide
I forge and craft the horizons for flowing blood
I forge the places precise for silver and for gold

I am the Forger of Skies!

Under the vault of heavens I stood
alone in the darkness, waiting
the blaze of silver in my eyes
the gleam of gold in my hands

The red ore of iron in my veins
the blue light of steel in my bones
the coal black in my hair
the waves golden in my chest

I harkened the place for the moon
assured the sonorous tones
made out the locus of stars
I painted the route for the sun

I pierced the distant dome
for the lights to seep through
I checked the curves and borders
and attached the highest star

I knew it was my masterwork
I felt the strenght of gods
revised the soaring heights
and set the heavens aligned

It worked and sung and danced
it shone and glowed and gleamed
it circled, curved and blazed
it kindled, waned and glimmered

It is my heaven
it has my eyes
it is my space
It has my shape

It flowed from my bones
it bolted from my fingertips
it settled all over and unto me
and forced me to face my longing.

Sparks sent flying, the space of my mind thundering
the small room of my heart flashing under the sky
The flaring of miasmic fumes fill my senses
pervade this room and this space

I listen and aim to observe
I use all the forces and let it transpire
I confront the darkness absolute
and blinding, dazzling brilliance

From roaring flames the shapes emerge
come forth they do with vile charms
Their poisoned core ensconced in beauty
but I see and perceive their deceit

Into the blaze I shove them back
to lose their forms to fire
again and yet again
I start my work anew

I let the days blend into nights
I let the moon and sun unite
the order of the stars expire
I let it be born, the miracle

I let the night blend into sun
I let the day and moon unite
the order of the stars expire
I let it be born, the miracle.

I who have forged the heavens
I too have my king

on his request, by his orders
enforced by his spells

to Northland I was cast
to distant land of Pohjola

Where my skills were known
where they knew my name and might

I forged a godly device
I opened the gates of plenty

from small crumbs of earth
from fleece of summer ewe

from memory of a single seed
from flair of a swans feather

I let the milk come seeping from
the heaven of my heart

the heaven of my heart

The constant needs of Man
eternal desires of you all
Your thirst and your hunger
Your fears

You crave for your miracle
You who subjected me
look now into distant heights
into the heavens, of my making
I made it out of what wasn’t there
of nothing to perfection
I granted it my substance
I granted it my essence

On the lid of my heart the designs I carved
Of galaxies and crimson clouds
The lore of gods and hopes of men
In me combined both dreams and might

Wisdom cleaved a stone
Knowledge kindled the flame
Sense made iron melt
Love made hope glow

I gave you your miracle
The heart that pounds gold
And the key that leads to
riches of divine order

What is now my fate?
What are you giving me?
Redeem your promise,
Pay off your debt!

Before you answer, raise your eyes
There, the heavens, of my making
Before you answer
Raise your eyes!

(Ilmarinen longs for the Daughter of Northland)

As slowly turns the key of time
In padlock of promises broken

to wait I will retreat myself
in black chambers of oblivion

In mute silence of my space
I crouch under my yearning
The works of gods receding now
evade my grasping hands

Perfection of the skies I knew
and memories of my deeds

Now fade away beyond my reach
And change to lonely nights

Her hair I’d long to adorn
With golden glowing stars
Her brow I’d long to crown
With tiny shining sun
in silver I would trace
the moonshine of her beauty

but ever so slowly
Turns the key of time
In a rusty lock
Of broken promises

I was not betrayed by Water, my gentle brother
and not betrayed by brother Fire
I was not betrayed by my essence nor my spirit
I was betrayed by my own king

I took the heaven to be enough
I trusted him like a brother
I was not betrayed by my essence nor my spirit
I was betrayed by my own king

I was not betrayed by earth, my cradle
And not betrayed by air my mother distant
I was not betrayed by my essence nor my spirit
I was betrayed by my own king

I took my skill to be enough
I trusted my knowledge and my will
I was not betrayed by my essence nor my spirit
I was betrayed by my own king!

To a strange land, to distant Pohjola
I took the gift I received from gods
melted the heavenly knowledge, skills of a master
from pieces of my heart built a golden mill

A godlike machine I forged!

I, maker of heavens, created a horn of plenty
released them, delivered them from evil
gave them more than they knew to ask for
it wasn’t enough for the gloomy Northland court

It wasn’t enough for the queen!

The field of Death I had to furrow
To plow the soil black with viper blood
the shadow of a beast in a forest below
from Death to hunt a wolf and a bear

I fetched the gift of life from the river of death!

The Northland Queen, pledge unredeemed,
The wage she offered was death
A life for himself pursued my King
Promised me as a ransom for his happiness

A heart turned unto me!

A heart turned unto me
She whispered the knowledge of gods
And gave the missing words of wisdom
To me, a creator of heavens and miracles
Her heart turned unto me.

In the bowels of rocky mountain a fiery bird I forged
forged from iron, from steel a flaming eagle
On my eagle’s wings to Black River I flew, to the dale of the Dead Land
From reeking mud, from stream grinding flesh and bone
I found the black pike, a giant, a monster

From jaws of the pike, from gory rapids of the dead
My furious griffin rescued its’ master
Brought to bright light the guts, skin, flesh and bones
Carried under the sun, to the top of an stout oak
split with its beak the monsters’ belly, ripped the head clean off

The eagle rushed sky high, gliding the steepest heights
the sky sparkled and writhed, the vault of heaven creaked and mewed
higher and higher still soared my flaming griffin
with a thunder crash and rumble, I rolled the pike’s head in
As a throne for the queen a bony skull of the dead fish

I had made the heavens, forged out a miracle
the snake infested field of Death’s Domain turned over
slayed the wolf of shadowlands, shackled the bear of Death
Impossibly captured the impossible prey, the pike from Tuonela river
I’ve done my share, redeem your promise!

I got a maid from Northland
A wife from lands strange
The works of gods at last replaced
By days and nights of men

She wakes beside me in the mornings
She walks by me in times of spring
She stares at our sky in the evenings
She lives our lives come autumn time

She sleeps the nights beside me
She works the days by my side
She is with me when snowflakes fall
She stays near as summer blooms

Her hair I adorn with stars
and forge a small sun on her brow
I put a pendant on her neck
and forge a small moon on her breast

She wakes beside me every spring
She wakes beside me every summer
She wakes beside me every winter
She wakes beside me every morning

Sun left her brow
Moon escaped her breast
Stars fell from her hair

Song departed her lips
spark died in her eyes
Her warmth waned away

Her blood grew thicker
Her skin turned colder
Unto the ground fell the heart
My wife beloved!
My wife beloved!
My wife beloved!

Unto the ground the heart
Her form fell into shadows
her shape dissolved to dust

Unto the ground the heart fell!

In the beginning of times
In the chaos of destiny
In the arcane stream of meanings

Roar of the battle to sounds of work I sanctified
cries of terror to a song I harmonised
spirits of wrath with charms I restrained

And now dead is my wife
Ripped apart by iron teeth
Slashed by claws of steel

Poisoned by the bane of riches
Betrayed by lies manifold
Slayed by a wretched avenger

In the beginning of times, in the birth of all matter
The venom spat on the boiling mass
Now surfaced again and turned the course of fate

From nights’ misty dreams
I sought the clarity of my days
From empty shades of longing
I looked for the familiar glow

The death of my wife’s slayer
Brought no comfort for me
The sore ache of loneliness
bestowed no shape for a dream

within my heart I lit a flame of desires
provoked the fiery powers of my will
I forced the silvery shape to come forth
A golden queen for myself I forged

I made myself a spouse of gold
I forged a silver bride
From light of northern summer night
From shining winter moon

I made our bed under the stars
With covers aplenty and bear skin hides
I stroked the arc of golden curves
I kissed the lips of silver

Responded not my golden girl
No beating heart I felt
No sighs gave the silver soul
No warmth her sides of metal

I wandered on shores of stormy seas
On barren snowy lands I walked
I brought the golden girl to my king
And offered a bitter boon for my chief
My lifeless oddity he refused
Bowed not to my gift of gold

I journeyed on to the Northern Lands
Returned to the stony yard
I asked from the queen for her younger daughter
Covetted my dead wife’s sister
No comfort gave my prize most grim
The heartless redeemed not the heart

With empty hands I thus returned
To homelands, low in mind
Recalling the Northlands splendour
Recalling the miracle I forged
Recalling golden lid of plenty
Recalling the woman deceased

Sun ceased from my world
Moon went from my sky
Starlight dimmed away

In a bleak shack of sorrow
In forsaken shed of grief
in solitudes’ bitter palace

I listened to my hearts’ silent beating
The faint rush of my blood
The distant echo of space

Something moved in the emptiness
something in darkness drew near
Something touched the heart

The sky stirred above me
Beneath my feet earth breathed
The lights of space now flared

Someone whispered the words in my ear
Someone dictated my future deeds
Someone advised me to take what’s mine

From steel I made the master’s sword
Cleaving stone, cliff, a mountain
From darkness I stepped onto the path of stars

This sky is mine! (This is my sky!)
This sword is mine! (This is my sword!)
This fate is mine! (This is my fate!)
This miracle, mine! (This is my miracle!)