Lyrics by Pekka Kainulainen (translated by Erkki Virta)

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Sparks sent flying, my mind thundering
The room of my heart flashing to the sky
The flaring and fumes fill my senses
Pervade this room and this space

The days, they blend into the nights
The moon, the sun unite
Order of stars expires
A wonder is born

I listen and aim, I observe
I use all the forces and let it transpire
I confront the darkness absolute
And blinding, dazzling brilliance

From roaring flames the shapes emerge
Come forth they do with vile charms
Their poisoned core hides in beauty
But I see and perceive their deceit, I see

Into the blaze I shove them back
To lose their forms to hungry fire
Again and yet again
I start my work anew

From the misty dreams of nighttime
I sought the clarity of my days
From the gates of longing
Looked for the familiar glow

The death of my wife’s slayer
Brought no comfort to me
No shape from loneliness
For a dream

A queen of gold I made
A silver bride I built
From the northern summer night
From the winter moon
Responded not my girl
No beating heart I felt
I brought no sighs to the silver lips
No warmth from the gold

Within my heart a flame of desires
Provoked the power of my will
Forced into a silvery shape
A golden queen for me

I made our bed under the stars
Covers a-plenty, bear skin hides
Stroked the arc of golden curves
Kissed the lips of silver

Queen of gold – I made her
Silver Bride – I built her
Queen of gold – no heart
Silver Bride – no warmth

Queen of gold – I made her
Silver Bride – I built her
Queen of gold – no heart
Silver Bride – no life

I who have forged the heavens
I also have my king
To northland I was sent
I was cast to distant Pohjola
Enforced by my king’s spells
His orders undenied

From the small crumbs of earth
From the fleece of summer ewe
From the memory of a single seed
From the flair of a swan’s feather
I let the milk come seeping
From the heaven, the heaven of my heart

There my skills where known to them all
They all knew my name
All knew of my might
And I forged a godly device
A machine divine
The gates of plenty opened by me

From my world the sun faded
And the moon from my sky was gone with stars
I came home to a bleak room of sorrow
Forsaken house, place of grief, in solitude

I listened to my heart beating
The faint rush of my blood
I listened to my heart beating
The echoes from space

Something moving in the emptiness
Something drew me near
Someone told me of my future deeds
Whispered them in my ear

The sky stirred
The lights of space flared
Beneath my feet
The living earth started to breathe

This sky is mine
This sword is mine
This fate is mine
This miracle, mine

From steel I made the master’s sword
Cleaves stone, cliff, a mountain
From darkness I stepped
Onto the path of stars

In the bowels of rocky mountain
A fiery bird I forged
Forged from iron, from molten steel
A flaming eagle, majestic beast

On the wings of my eagle
To black river I flew
To the dale of the dead
To the stream that grinds all flesh

The eagle soared sky high
Touched the vault of heaven
The sky sparkled, cracked and creaked

The eagle soared sky high
Soared my flaming griffin
The thunder crashed and rolled
Rolled the monster’s head

I found a monster, a black giant pike
From its jaws my eagle saved me
Dragged the fish under the sun
Split its belly, ripped the head off

I rolled the pike’s head to the house of the north
I threw the bony skull at the haughty queen:
Here’s a throne for you to rest your frozen bones
I have done my share, now keep your promise!

I had made the heavens, forged out a miracle
The snake-infested field of death turned over
Slayed the wolf of shadow lands
Shackled the bear of death
I captured the impossible
The pike from the black river

Slowly turns the key of time
In the lock of promises broken
In mute silence of my space
I crouch under my yearning
Under my yearning

The works of my gods receding now
Evade my grasping hands

Her hair I would long to adorn
With glowing stars
Her brow with shining sun
In silver I would trace
The moonshine of her grace
The shining one

Perfection of the skies
I knew and memories of my days
Fade away beyond my reach
And change to lonely nights

But ever so slowly
Turns the key of time
In a rusty lock
of broken promises

Under the vault of heavens
I stood alone, waiting
The blaze of silver shining in my eyes
My hands gleaming gold
The red of iron in my veins
The blue of steel in my bones
The sparkle and blackness of coal in my hair
My chest golden with waves

It is my heaven
It has my eyes
It is my space
It has my shape

I knew it was my masterwork
I felt the strength of gods
Revised the soaring heights
Let the heavens be aligned
Heavens be aligned

I listened with care the place for the moon
Made sure of the tones
Painted through void the route for the sun
Made out the locus of stars
I pierced the distant dome
For the light to seep through
I checked the curves and borders of all
And placed the highest star

It worked and sung and danced
It shone and gloved and gleaned
It circled, curved and blazed
It pulsed, burned and waned
Burned and waned

It flowed from my bones
Bolted from my fingers
And settled on and over me
And made me face my longing

Inside this non-existence
I know very clearly
The directions, all the points
Of every potential quarter

I forge my wisdom
Into an arc surrounding all
I forge my heartbeat
To a dome all heavens wide

I know the sun and the moon
The names of stars
Their movement and purpose
I mark the place of Polaris on these impossible heights

I forge the horizons
I craft them for flowing blood
I forge the places
Precise for silver, precise for gold

In solitude I measure out
The range of barren lands
I draw into the nothingness
The intersecting curves

I look at all directions
I look at one clear point
I see them all come togeher
I see into the heart

This here is my place, it is my work
I was made the maker of the sky

I am the maker of the sky
I am the forger of the arc

Got a maid from the lands of north
A wife from lands so strange
The work of gods was at last replaced
By days and nights of men

She wakes beside me
She stands by me
She stares at our sky
She lives our lives

In the beginning of all time the sounds of war
I sanctified for work
Cries of terror harmonized to a song
Spirits of wrath restrained

But now dead is my wife
Ripped apart by iron teeth
Slashed by the claws of steel
The ancient venom surfaced again

She lies in the ground
She’s gone from me
She stares without eyes
She stares at me

Poisoned by bane of riches
Betrayed by lies manifold
Slayed by wretched avenger
The ancient venom turned the course of fate

She woke beside me
She stood by me
She stared at our sky
And lived our life

Darkness was my light
Muteness was my tongue
Death was my life
Matter was my spirit

I am a brother to the fire
To fire a brother I am
From breast of maidens three
I drank the black milk
Devoured the white milk
I swallowed the red milk

Brother to the fire I am
Brother to the fire

I’ve lain in the dark bowels
Bowels of this marshland
Dead beneath the soil
Under the waters
Oblivious to all
Devoid of all knowing

Bonus track

To a strange land, land of Pohjola
I took my gift, I received it from the gods
I melted the knowledge of heaven
From the pieces of my heart I built a golden mill

I made the heavens, I delivered them
I gave the horn of plenty, released them

My king sold me to the northland queen
I forged and gave her a godlike machine
It wasn’t enough for the queen of liars
To the river of death I also was sent
I was sent

The field of death I furrowed
I turned the soil black with steaming viper blood
In a forest deep underground
I hunted a wolf and a bear from the shadow

I was offered death as prize for my great deeds
False words from the tongue of the northland queen

A heart turned unto me
She whispered the knowledge of gods
And gave the missing words of wisdom
To me, a creator of heavens

A heart turned unto me

Bonus track on “Silver Bride” single

From trails of wolves, from paths of bruin
From fen-depths and mountain winds
Raised into the light I was
Separated apart I was

I am of air, I am water
I am of fire and earth I am

The lore of air, the water’s wisdom
Fire aware, the memory of earth

Upon my birth I understood
The spirit, the matter and their alliance
In spatters of liquid iron
Separated apart I was

In a flash of light, a crash of storm
I was called there, among all the greatest

Where light was curved into an arc
I was made real, constructed of gods

To North, South, East and West
The spirit of air to quarters all
She was my mother
Heavy with wind, swelled from the sea

From chaos of matter restored I was
Born to the essence of creation
To red, black and white
To milk, iron and steel

The lights of chaos
They have transformed
Into a precise spark
The spark of my mind
The sound disruptive
Into distant singing
I can hear them
Through waters